“At Seagull Arotech, our mission is to inspire and elevate the world’s sensory experiences through the creation and delivery of exceptional fragrances. We are committed to crafting scents that resonate with authenticity, innovation, and sustainability. Guided by our passion for aromatic excellence, we seek to enrich lives and leave a fragrant legacy that stands the test of time.”

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Choosing the right fragrance for your soap and detergent products is essential, as it can significantly impact the appeal and effectiveness of your offerings. Each fragrance has its unique characteristics and can cater to different preferences and target markets. Here’s a brief overview of the fragrances you’ve mentioned:

  1. A1 Compound: A1 Compound offers a versatile fragrance option that can appeal to a wide range of consumers.
  2. Compound 85: The fragrance profile of Compound 85 would depend on its formulation, providing flexibility for different product applications.
  3. R S Compound: R S Compound is another option that can be customized for your soap and detergent products.
  4. OT Compound: OT Compound’s scent can be tailored to meet your brand’s specific requirements.
  5. Citrus Orange: Citrus Orange offers a vibrant and zesty aroma, ideal for a fresh and invigorating product.
  6. Fabric 1: Fabric 1 can provide a clean and refreshing scent for laundry and cleaning products.
  7. A1 Core: A1 Core is likely a variant of A1 Compound, providing additional scent options for your products.
  8. Seagull Sandal: Seagull Sandal is a distinctive choice, offering a rich and woody fragrance.
  9. OR-88: The fragrance profile of OR-88 can be customized, allowing you to create a unique product.
  10. Sea Tide: Sea Tide offers a fresh and oceanic scent, perfect for products that evoke a coastal ambiance.
  11. Citrus Lemon: Citrus Lemon combines the zesty and fresh notes of citrus and lemon.
  12. Sea Lilly: Sea Lilly likely provides a unique marine or aquatic scent for your products.
  13. Aloewash: Aloewash can offer a soothing and refreshing scent, ideal for gentle and calming products.
  14. Jovan Musk: Jovan Musk is known for its warm and musky aroma, offering a comforting and sensual scent.
  15. Deo Fresh: Deo Fresh is likely a crisp and clean fragrance, perfect for deodorant and personal care products.
  16. P1: The fragrance profile of P1 would depend on its formulation, making it a versatile choice.
  17. Punch Compound: Punch Compound can provide a vibrant and energizing scent for your products.
  18. Rp Women: Rp Women is likely tailored for female-focused products, offering a unique fragrance.
  19. D Silicy: The specific scent of D Silicy would depend on its formulation, providing a range of options.
  20. RP Compound: RP Compound offers a versatile and customizable fragrance solution.
  21. Moonlight: Moonlight typically provides a gentle and romantic scent, creating an ambiance of serenity.
  22. Orchid: Orchid is known for its delicate and floral aroma, perfect for products that evoke elegance.
  23. Shadow: Shadow offers a mysterious and complex scent, creating intrigue and allure.
  24. Lemon: Lemon provides a fresh and zesty fragrance, perfect for a clean and invigorating product.
  25. Lemon 331: Lemon 331 is a variation of the lemon scent, offering a unique twist.
  26. Hylife: Hylife offers a versatile fragrance that can suit a range of product types.
  27. Entereleven: The fragrance profile of Entereleven can be customized for your specific needs.
  28. Fabric 123: Fabric 123 is likely a clean and fresh fragrance, ideal for laundry products.
  29. 360 Degree: 360 Degree is a versatile choice, allowing customization for various product lines.
  30. Windsor Soap: Windsor Soap typically provides a classic and timeless scent, perfect for traditional soap products.
  31. Blonde: Blonde is likely a warm and inviting fragrance, offering a comforting aroma.
  32. Lavender: Lavender is known for its calming and floral scent, ideal for soothing and relaxation.
  33. Sandal: Sandal offers a woody and earthy aroma, perfect for a natural and grounding product.
  34. Mint Fresh: Mint Fresh provides a cool and invigorating scent, making it ideal for a fresh and clean product.
  35. Compound 505: Compound 505 is a versatile option for customization to meet your product’s unique requirements.
  36. Compound 509: Similar to Compound 505, Compound 509 offers a range of scent options.
  37. Jasmine: Jasmine is known for its sweet and exotic fragrance, perfect for creating a luxurious and romantic atmosphere.
  38. Mogara: Mogara offers a floral scent with Indian jasmine, creating an exotic and alluring aroma.
  39. Peel Fresh: Peel Fresh provides a fresh and fruity scent, making it ideal for a clean and invigorating product.
  40. Pink Blossom: Pink Blossom likely offers a soft and feminine fragrance, creating an elegant and inviting ambiance.
  41. Orchid Supreme: Orchid Supreme is a luxurious choice, offering a rich and elegant aroma.
  42. Pink: Pink offers a range of floral and sweet scents, which can make your soap and detergent products more pleasant.
  43. New Fruity Compound: New Fruity Compound is a fresh and modern take on fruity fragrances, perfect for contemporary products.
  44. D Fresh Comp: The specific fragrance profile of D Fresh Comp would depend on its formulation, offering a unique scent for your products.
  45. Compound 609: Compound 609 is a versatile option, allowing customization to meet your product’s unique requirements.
  46. Virdix Compound: The fragrance profile of Virdix Compound can be tailored to meet your brand’s specific requirements.
  47. Toppers: Toppers offer a diverse range of scents, suitable for a wide variety of product applications.
  48. C85 Premium: C85 Premium is likely a high-quality and versatile fragrance for your soap and detergent products.
  49. Excel Lemon: Excel Lemon is expected to provide a high-quality and invigorating lemon scent.
  50. Lemon Glory: Lemon Glory offers a vibrant and refreshing aroma, perfect for products that evoke freshness and cleanliness.
  51. Mysore Sandal: Mysore Sandal is known for its rich and woody sandalwood fragrance, offering a traditional and exotic aroma, often associated with luxury and purity.

When selecting the right fragrance for your soap and detergent products, consider your target audience, the image you want to convey, and the specific characteristics of your brand. Market research and fragrance testing can also help determine which scent resonates most with your customers. The right fragrance can set your products apart and create a memorable and delightful experience for users.


Surface Lime
Orange compound
DT compound
Green Apple
Apple blossom
Mint fresh
Green lime
Lemon grass oil
Citro lemon oil
Seagull Rose
Fresh 505
Fresh 509
Lavender BL
Entereleven compound
Citrus lemon
Lemon 331
New fruity
Raspberry 350
Pineapple 350
Excel lemon
Excel orange
Surafce Lemon
Green Lime
citro Lemon
Lemon grass oil
Pine compound
Lemon glory
Surface lime
Green Lime
Lemon supreme
Lemon glory

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8. Room freshner fragrance
9.. Perfumes for Air freshner
10. Cosmetic fragrance
11.Fine fragrance
12. Attar fragrance.

2. Attar Fragrance

1.Essential oils and spices oils
2. Natural and recon Essential oils.

3. Flavours & Food concentrates

1. Bakery Flavours
2. Beverages
3. Confectionery
4. Chocolates Flavours
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